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I’m having difficulty finding a place where I can be of benefit. Anyone know of any volunteer situations on or offline where I might be able to help?

Thank you.
Be safe.
Be well.


welcome. Maybe you want to say a little bit more what you are looking for, what your expertise is that you can offer so that people can get to know you as a palliative care professional. Willingness to help is always great, but maybe specify a little more what is on your mind with regards to helping others and volunteering.

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Dear friends,

My background is in corrections here in Missouri. My aim was to introduce mindfulness training and spiritual support. An overwhelming majority of offenders suffer from years of untreated trauma, further exacerbated by our inhumane and broken prison system. It was an incredible experience but after a year there I moved into acute hospice care. This (internship) position coincided with my second unit of CPE. This turned out to be good choice and I found the connections I was able to forge very meaningful. However, as a Buddhist I am finding it very difficult to land a professional position. To be honest, I feel very discriminated against in my home state. That said, I am undeterred.

*I completed my second unit of CPE/internship just before lock-down. I am currently isolated in temple and seeking avenues where I can be of benefit in St. Louis, but I am more than willing to relocate. To provide meaning, comfort and hope to those who feel trapped in the human condition makes my heart sing. I just want to work. Anywhere.

The world we live in is not filled with Christians, or Hindu, or Buddhists etc… It is filled with human beings.

Thank you for allowing me to share.

Warm bows and every blessing.

William Reyland-Sukhumalo Bhikkhu

Please feel free to share your wisdom here.

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Thank you for your support.