Blessing/Well wishes for Caregivers

In the midst of this pandemic, all we often feel is stress, hectic, nervousness, and anxiety. At the end of the day, exhaustion comes over us. Finding a moment of calm, a moment to breathe can help us cope, and see that, no matter how hard the day may be - we can do this together. A moment of calmness can be just what we need to be able to take one more step. This poem/blessing/well-wishing for caregivers expresses just this thought.


Blessing for Caregivers

May rest find you,
In the peaceful moments when all is still,
In the quiet times when you pause
And breathe.

May rest find you
In the chaos of the moment
In the time you find to heal.

May rest strengthen and bless you.
May it fill your spirit
And give you unearned joy.

May you find rest in the care of others,
In the knowledge of your worth,
In the value of your service.

May the One who gives rest
Bless you and hold you close.
And may you, in your very being,
Be a place of rest for others.

Adopted from Voices from the Journey, by Juliana Casey, IHM, published in 2015 by the Catholic Health Association of the United States.

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