Contribute to your community

To our friends, family, and PCN community,

We started the Connections platform to help support each other during this unprecedented time of the pandemic. While things are starting to shift, some of us are just beginning to see the spike in cases while others are still riding out the surge, in other areas the peak may have mercifully been reached and in areas a new “normal” is setting in though it may feel far from it.

The community hosts a mix of stories and experiences from the front lines, resources, individual experiences and reactions to COVID-19, and a safe space to share any other thoughts, feelings, or stories that you may need to get out.

We started this community because as professionals working in palliative care we know the power of community. We want to hear from you - the ones working on the front lines:

Where are you working or sheltering in place?
What are the struggles facing you and your team?
Have you found any glimpses of hope during this trying time?
How has your palliative care world changed?
What connections would help you right now?
What would you like to see on the platform?
What would help you right now?
What connections, resources, or support do you need?

Let’s get the dialogue started. If you are part of the network but have not yet posted, please introduce yourself so that we can connect. Connections is a safe space for all and you can choose to be anonymous.

We are in this together! We can do this together!