Emerging from the Pandemic…

Although the COVID-19 Pandemic is still taking centre stage in the world…. We are gradually adapting to the new normal of life. Wearing a mouth mask has become second nature for us, social distancing has become a habit and staying at home a routine.

The health care system and the community service providers are well able to treat and manage patients who are infected with the COVID-19 virus. It is a joy to hear that the number of people recovering from the infection is surpassing the number of people who are tested positive.

We are rising up:

There is a revolution in the education system universally: moving towards interactive on-line platforms with dynamic learning tools. It is a great opportunity to learn and empower oneself with knowledge and skill. The career of the youth is not kept on hold…online examinations are conducted, online interviews and job placements are being done. “Work from home’ strategy is proving to be as efficient if not more than on-site work set ups. Although travel is restricted, through meeting platforms the world is becoming smaller in terms of Professional endeavours (Webinars, conferences, fostering collaborations) and personal get-togethers (Wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, school/college reunions). On another hand, sporting events have resumed…. Grand Prix races and NBA to name a few… Yes, with all participants following infection control guidelines and with only virtual audiences… nevertheless!

It will take awhile for one to have the courage to dine out or go for a show or to go on a holiday… It is our hope that we will emerge slowly and steadily from this Pandemic as better and wiser individuals.