Poem: In This Day and Time

We all woke up one day and everything was new
A shift in normal living that affected me and you

We take so much for granted until it’s stripped away
Then we start searching for ways to make it through each day

Attitude is key, you know, it takes a strong one to get by
Positivity and optimism will keep you soaring high

We need to change our focus to cope and persevere
To help keep smiling faces and eliminate the fear

Throughout the world we’re different
But now we’re sisters and brothers
Finally united and looking out for one another

So how do we get through this
I was afraid you might ask
Through intense soul searching, making goals and setting tasks

Sit quietly for a moment, relax and slow your mind
Listen to your inner voices; you’ll be amazed at what you find

Ideas will flow immensely and occupy the space
You can manifest what you want and things will fall into place

Reflect on what has been, then let it go cause it’s the past
If you were wounded, put a bandaid on
If you were broken, use a cast

We have so much to be thankful for, more than we realize
Pause for a minute, take a deep breath, then open up your eyes

Look at all the people out there on the frontline every day
It’s so amazing what they do; how they help to make a way

We have food to eat, we have medical care, we wake up each day, we have clothes to wear

We have ways to communicate with our family and friends
Clear the air with someone, take time to make amends

Learn something new, aspire to do better
Read a book, accept a challenge, sit down and write a letter

The options are limitless on what you can achieve
It just takes a little effort and for you to believe

It’s all in our way of thinking and we can wake up each day with a smile
After counting our many blessings and coming to terms with our new lifestyle

We’ve been given an opportunity that we’ve never had before
Time, a precious gift; here today but maybe no more

Your mindset should have changed by now seeing where we are today
What we once knew as normal is different now you say

It is what it is, no need to cry and moan
The impact is worldwide, so you are not alone

-Naila Chalon

Copyright: Palliative Care Network. Please feel free to share with the credit to the writer and copyright information.