Prayer for a hospital during the pandemic

This prayer was written short before Easter for a hospital in the Midwest of the US that is dealing both with Covid-19 and regular patients. Staff had asked for a general prayer for them, their patients and divine protection and healing. This prayer reflects a more Judeo-Christian approach to spiritual care. Feel free to use it for your settings or edit it in any way that is helpful for the area you serve.

Heavenly Father

We ask you for your guidance, your healing and your protection for this hospital and everyone who works in it. Be with us, be with our patients and their families and loved ones and be with our whole community, spread your protective wings over us to shelter us

May you help us find rest when we are weary, strength when were tired physically, spiritually and emotionally and calm when we need to restore in quiet.

May you, despite physical distance, hold us all together through your love and your care.

And may we know with every breath and every step we take that we are never alone and that you are always with us.

May we find peace and healing in you and may you bless each and every one of us with your light even in the darkest moments - and may we know that no virus is powerful enough to keep our hearts and souls disconnected from each other and from you.

We thank you


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