Resuming life with the new “normal”- lessons from a Pandemic

The Covid -19 pandemic has engrossed our lives for almost half the year so far and is likely to continue to do so for a long while. With great caution, nations are gradually reopening. People are going back to work, getting back to what they were doing and for some there are ‘new” beginnings. In India, public transport is available but it is limited. People who were stranded are able to go back to their homes. Offices are now working with 50% capacity and for few hours a day. Hospitals and health care facilities now take care of all those with medical needs.
Yes, we are coming out but with a renewed mind. We have adapted to our new normal of hand hygiene and social distancing. We are more patient and more considerate towards others. Communities have come together for a cause. We have rekindled old passions, reconnected with family and old friends, learnt something new. Most of all we have learnt the value of live to slow down and live….