Together we stand

As we go through these tough times, there are stories of grief, sorrow , service and triumphs. This is a safe place to share our stories to support and inspire each other

Together we stand

As one world, we are engaged in a battle against the infection caused by the novel corona virus -19 on the human race. This pandemic has captivated all of us. The health care professionals are at the frontline combating and treating all those who are infected by the virus. Their dedication and sacrifice is commendable. It is very encouraging to hear stories of patients being treated and recovering from this illness.

At Manipal, (In India) in our hospital, at the outbreak of the pandemic, a help desk was set up to provide information and to ease the concerns of the people in the community. At the outpatient section screening tests are carried out for all patients. Their travel history and history of any illness is noted. Appropriate infection control protocols are in place and isolation wards are set up to treat patients. During this critical time, care is also rendered to patients with other health issues. This is done in a very systematic manner where patients are examined and treated in one dedicated area, to minimize the chance of spread or exposure to infection.

"Break the chain”- stay at home

Wearing mouth masks, washing our hands frequently and social distancing has become the new norm. Leaders of all nations have called for a lockdown of their countries, to minimize the surge of infectious cases and to decrease the burden on the health care system. Educational institutions, malls, theatres, restaurants and public transport services are closed. Law and order is enforced to ensure that people do not go out of their homes without purpose or travel across districts and states. Grocery outlets are open everyday only between 7 am and 11 am with enough supplies for everyone. The pharmacies are open 24X7 so that the health of the citizens are preserved. Our local governing body has set up a system to deliver supplies and food to the homes of the elderly.

Together we stand in faith to conquer this Pandemic…

  1. Our empty streets

  2. Following safety measures while shopping


Thank you for sharing this!

Hello Monica,
I went to India last November, and it was impressive to see all the population in the streets, and now it is so empty…
I saw many people sleeping in the street, how is the government helping those?
In Portugal they opened centers where they can sleep over, so they’ll have more conditions and support, but I don’t know if they are reaching everyone.

Dear Dora,

Hello… Good to hear from you

I am so glad to learn that you had visited India a couple of years ago.

Yes, many people live on the roads in India.

During this critical period, the government has opened many centres for these people to stay. In addition, many religious organizations have also opened their worship areas for these people to stay. People who are employed on a daily basis and now who are unemployed due to the lockdown of Corona virus infection are taken care of by the government. Every day they are provided with food and other necessary supplies.

We are glad that gradually many districts in India are becoming free of the viral infection. We hope and pray that this trend continues across our nation and the world…

Take care and stay safe